Our service includes the publication of a square in Business Expo Newspaper according to the rates specified in our advertising offer.

For this price we circulate the newspaper free + your promotional materials: up to 30 pcs. /leaflets, brochures, catalogues, etc. /.

You get a copy of the newspaper and feedback from companies that had participated in the fair and had shown an interest.

Rates for advertisements in Business Expo Newspaper in Euro/cm2

I-st page

Inside pages

IV-th page

1,40 euro/cm2

0,50 euro/cm2

0,85 euro/cm2


Extra rates: +25% next to the title head.

Prices are for full-colour print.

Minimum square: 50 cm2

The advertisement is published after payment in advance!

Discounts for publications:

2 publ.

3 publ.

4 publ.

5 publ.

7 publ.

10 publ.








Annual subscription fee for the newspaper for 2014 – 10 euro.

All prices are final!